aNu Aesthetics & Optimal Wellness are Kansas City's premier aesthetics and wellness clinic! We have been open since 2011 under Dr. Cristyn Watkins, board certified physician, who practices Aesthetics and Functional Medicine full time at aNu along with her dedicated staff. 

We strive to touch our patients and community with our people, our services, and our personalized care, thereby providing the ultimate guest experience while enhancing beauty, well-being, and optimal health. See and read testimonials from our happy patients below.

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Amazing, professional and friendly team! Dr. Watkins has changed my life with her wellness program and support. I'm down 40 lbs in less than 5 months, and on top of that the aesthetics services are outstanding. I highly recommend them and couldn't be happier with their care!


I love everything about Anu! One visit and I was hooked. Botox, filler, hair removal, facials and peels. The skin care products are life changing. My skin looks better now than when I was younger. The physicians and staff are friendly. So glad I found them. Won’t go anywhere else.


Due to aNu Aesthetics and Dr. Watkins, I can say I have my life back. I felt ugly on the inside and certainly on the outside as I was weighing what I weighed when I was at the end of my pregnancies. I let my weight gain go way too long. Had I known how much help Dr. Watkins could be in my adventure to feel better, I would have called way before I did. Dr. Watkins, from the first visit, had my complete respect. I will forever be grateful for her words, "What do you want from me?" At that point I knew she was listening and would do whatever she could do to help... ME. My goal was to get to the same weight as pre-pregnancy with my youngest child, and with her help, I not only lost that weight, but an additional 13 pounds for a total of 43 pounds of weight loss. Not only was I able to lose the weight, but I feel better than I ever remember feeling. Weight loss and healthy supplements were the answers I needed. I have my life back and it is all due to Dr. Watkins, her knowledge, and her love for me and my results. I am forever indebted to aNu Aesthetics and Dr. Watkins. Personal E-mail from same patient: Good afternoon Cristyn, I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU. Thank you for taking me on as a patient and thank you for your continuous support of my journey and thank you for believing in me even when I was unsure. I ran into someone today I had not seen in past months... she mentioned the weight loss and said how good and young I looked (which was awesome too!). She wanted the key to the lifestyle change and I told her you! Thank you for being the blessing I needed.


Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me on my journey of getting back to the old me! I am down 3 sizes!!! I was so much more comfortable at my son's graduation after losing the weight that I have. Even though I have a long way to go I am feeling so good!!! I love the energy and how much better I feel!! Thanks again for all you have done for me!


My name is Sherry P. and I am a 61 yr female and 5 yr breast cancer survivor that was having dangerously high liver enzymes when I started seeing Dr. Cristyn Watkins in Jan. 2017. I had felt terrible for about 2 yrs, couldn't sleep, hot flashes, uncontrolled diabetes, and high cholesterol and could not lose weight. My PCP and Oncologist could not figure out my liver problem. Dr. Watkins researched my cancer estrogen blocker medicine and found out it caused liver failure in 1% of people. She conferred with my oncologist and they decided to take me off of it, she added bio-identical hormones, vitamins, medicine and a Paleo diet - 6 months later my liver enzymes are perfect, A1C is down to 6.1 (almost non-diabetic), blood pressure normal, and I have lost 38 lbs and still losing! I feel GREAT! Dr. Watkins SAVED MY LIFE! She is very patient, compassionate and truly listens to her patients. I highly recommend her and aNu Aesthetics & Optimal Wellness.


I can tell a huge difference in the way my pants fit AND in the way I sit. I could not be more pleased with my Cool Sculpt experience and outcome. I've always worked out and am not a junk food eater but could never get rid of the saddle bag areas on my thighs. I tried several ridiculous "knock offs" and got exactly what I paid for... no results! I had no pain, no down time, and honestly napped through most of my first appointment. The only thing I experienced was numbness of the area which came back within the first 60 days. I can tell a huge difference in the way my pants fit AND in the way I sit. I'm no longer self conscious about my thighs when sitting in a chair! If I had unlimited income I would have at least three more areas sculpted but until then I'm saving up to have my "flanks" done! I work hard for my money and don't endorse things that didn't work for me or that I feel weren't worth every penny. Not only do I endorse Anu Aesthetics 100% but I encourage people to try the Cool Sculpt!



Cristyn, I feel better than I have felt in over 25 years. I am amazed and thankful.


Magic Cristyn, Just checking in to let you know that the hormone pellets are working!You should call them 'happy' pellets or 'magic' pellets because I'm actually sleeping again, I have energy my mood is goooood... and my brain fog has lifted! I tried to explain the whole brain fog thing and it's hard to put into words but I just feel 'clear-er'. It's like when you put a pair of glasses on and the lens is smudged, then you clean the lens and everything is much more clear?  That's kind of what my head feels like now after the pellets... more clear. So thank you I'm so happy I decided to do the pellets, for me it is kind of life changing.


I have my Botox appointment set for this Tuesday. I can not wait! I started getting Botox in my forehead and bridge of my nose in December. It has been a HUGE game changes for me. U gave struggled with major tension headaches and migraines for years. Over the counter pain relievers did absolutely nothing and the RX ones would just knock me out. I had to schedule my entire life around my stupid headaches. I missed out on so many things. Since Dr.Watkins gave me Botox injections, I have not had one migraine or tension headache! Seriously! Not Even One! I will be getting my injections every 3-4 months for sure!


Good morning! I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything (not to get sappy)... but not sure if clients tell you enough, but I appreciate everything and I am thankful for the progress. Life changing.


Hi Dr. Watkins! It was also great to see you! My botox is fabulous! I love the results and definitely will be scheduling with you in the near future! Thank you for doing such an amazing job! I am thrilled with your expertise! Have a great day!


Hello! Thank you so much for the follow up email Dr. Watkins. I'm doing great. I can't thank you enough for how amazing you were through the process. I was very nervous and you put me at ease with your professionalism and compassion. Thank you so much for putting up with me! And thank you for your encouragement to go through the process. The lines are a huge insecurity of mine and because of you I know I'll feel more confident in myself. You have an amazing bedside manner, I've bragged about you to so many of my friends. Can't wait for the results! Have a wonderful weekend.


Hello Dr Watkins, Just wanted to compliment your staff... everyone is so friendly and helpful, a real pleasure to visit your office!


Noreen is very knowledgeable and willing to listen and work with her patients. She gave me a nose bridge! I'll be honest, I've never had one my entire life due to a severe break when I was young. It meant so much to me that she was willing to perform a specialized treatment and give me a non surgical nose job.


When people notice my 56 pound weight loss, I love to tell them all about aNu!


I have been so satisfied and happy with everyone in the office that I have referred my Mother, Brother, Sister n law, past & current clients and many of my friends.


The Doctor made sure I was given all the opportunities to have the best of care. I would love to be able to do everything she suggested because I know I would have optimal results. When I told Dr Watkins my finances she didn't make me feel like I would not succeed because I wasn't able to afford it. This made me feel again very understood and motivated to do better on what I could afford. Having a Doctor understand your out of pocket expense is an amazing attribute, it shows me, a client, that Dr Watkins truly wants the best of care she can provide for me on my income level. That is worth so much!!


When I am with the Doctor it seems as if I am her only patient. She never rushes and makes sure all questions and concerns are fully answered.


I knew the Doctor had already reviewed my file, she asked questions to better understand my frame of mind. She was very friendly and extremely caring and I could tell that by her facial expressions, her body posture, the tone of voice and words that she used while speaking with me. She was very knowledgeable about the results of my blood work and offered not only dietary help but gave me ideas on how to handle daily stresses.


She explained all of my different options. Again, did not make me feel rushed or pressured. I appreciate this and I will be back.


I absolutely love Dr. Watkins and the professionalism, care, concern and her willingness to listen and guide me to get my life back!


Dr. Watkins takes her time with me. She explains everything. It is always a great opportunity to partner in my journey with her.


Dr. Watkins is very thorough. I appreciate her attention to detail and her prompt follow-up after my visit.


I will recommend Anu to anyone looking for procedure or consultation. I am very happy with my services.


I had Botox done and love my appointment time with the doctor. She always makes sure she knows what I want and concerns, then we catch up family and life chat.


I have never spent this much time with a Doctor. I was very happy knowing I was being heard and that my diagnosis was not just a diagnosis. It had been researched and studied. Dr Watkins was very detailed in what to expect, what to do and the number to call or text if I had any concerns or questions after I left her office.


I have been tired and fatigued for years. Dr. Watkins ran labs that discovered some of my issues that no other doctor has ever looked into. I am so grateful for that. I feel better than ever!


Dr. Isom is always very friendly, relatable and 'real'.


I love seeing the doctor. She is very thorough and a perfectionist. She even "made the time work" so that I could get filler and Botox. I loved that she wasn't satisfied, so she asked if I'd be ok with a few more units.


Dr. Isom is great about managing your expectations (what is realistic, what is not - and NO duck lips!)