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Free and Easy Wanderer
  • Free and Easy Wanderer
Free and Easy Wanderer - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Nourish your blood‚ support liver and spleen function‚ and alleviate digestive conditions with Free and Easy Wanderer Tablets from Kan Herb Company. This dietary supplement may reduce abdominal pain‚ menstrual conditions‚ fatigue‚ headache‚ and nausea.

Bupleurum root and white peony root reportedly stimulates the immune system‚ fights inflammation and oxidative damage‚ promotes bile flow‚ and protects liver and digestive health. These roots could support mood balance and reduce joint pain‚ fever‚ headache‚ respiratory conditions and menstrual discomfort in women.

Dong quai root in this dietary supplement from Kan Herb Company may promote circulation and strengthen the meridians of your heart‚ lungs‚ liver‚ spleen‚ and kidneys. It may also combat infections‚ swelling‚ cardiovascular conditions‚ and menstrual and menopausal uneasiness.

The mushroom-like fungus called poria reportedly has immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. It may also fight infections‚ reduce dampness‚ headache‚ anxiety and insomnia‚ and promote kidney‚ liver and spleen health.

The presence of white atractylodes rhizome‚ Chinese licorice root‚ ginger rhizome‚ and mint herb in Free and Easy Wanderer Tablets from Kan Herb Company may reduce mood swings‚ liver and digestive conditions and promote your general wellness.